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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 8, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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from nbc bay area this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. laura garcia-canon is out at a at&t park for the giants home opener. we'll check with her in our next half hour, in the meantime, a lot to get to you. let's get to a check of your forecast with meteorologist. >> christisa is there, at least for this half hour you're stuck with meteorologist slaughter. waking up to clear skies. yesterday such a marvelous day across the bay area.
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this time of year we're used it being in the 60s for daytime highs and this afternoon up warmer to where we were yesterday. close to 90 degrees in the north bay. even in the santa clara valley today, 88 degrees. very warm. make sure you take plenty of breaks if you have it be out working in this. we'll check in with meteorologist christina loren from at&t park because, as you know, it's giants home opener day and she'll have that forecast coming up at a:00. lots of cars on the roads, right? >> a nice warning about folks taking a lots of breaks outside and i work in a studio inside and i still take a lot of breaks. a lot of cars, this is typical and very smooth moving and good spacing between them. we'll look at the maps and see the traffic flow through the area and 60 miles per hour and cars hitting the road and
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getting up to speed and some larger vehicles, some trucks moving slower than maybe some of those passenger vehicles. looking over here towards the closure and highway 84 both directions between valley and just before you get to 580 that. that is clearing up over the next 25 minutes and see things clear up and move through the city. a quick look at the bay bridge, home opener. a lot of folks getting into the city today, scott, back to you. suspended state senator yee and several other defendants will be arraigned in court this morning. yee with 28 other defendants were indicted by a federal grand jury on charges public corruption, drug and weapons trafficking and money laundering. this comes shortly after yee announced he has a new lawyer, james lastert. among the other defendants in court today, raymond "shrimp
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boy" has a new lawyer after finding who did not have a conflict due to the number of previous criminal cases against him. keith jackson will also be arraigned. he's still free on bail after a judge denied a prosecutor's demand to revoke $250,000 bond. in the south bay overnight, crews remained on the scene of a destructive fire near the san jose/campbell border. here's cell phone video for you, rather helicopter video given to us by a viewer. this happened on moss brook circle not far from westgate mall. when firefighters got to the scene yesterday, they had to wait for pg&e crews to get there to shut off the gas. a dozen people evacuated. three homes were damaged and they were older homes and they were made of wood. >> if there is a fire because
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there's so much wood and these houses are 50 years old. >> his grandmother was in the house, she was lucky to get out, she can't walk very good. she was very fortunate to get out. >> the cause is under investigation. the concord police officer accused of stealing prescription drugs from seniors will be back in court today. matthew switzer arraigned on burglarly, fraudulently obtaining prescription drugs and he used his status as a police officer to steal medicines from several residents at a senior housing complex in concord. he has since resigned. hillary clinton kicks off a three-day speaking tour in san francisco today. she'll be giving the keynote speech this afternoon at the marketing summit. reports say clinton could rake in as much as $1 million over the next four days and has many wondering if she will be making a run for the white house in
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2016. she'll be back in the bay area thursday for a women's lecture series at san jose state university. santa clara residents will position city council today asking for a rule to prevent homeowners from converting their houses and dorms for students. at question is a house under renovation right now in university park. it's been converted from two bedrooms to a six-bedroom, three bath mini dorm renting for $8,000 a month. neighbors say they're worried about noise, but city planners say the home owner is within zoning laws. well, also today we're expected to learn more about how we're going to get to and from levi stadium. the valley transportation authority will update the santa clara city council and city public on transit access and how it plans to deal with other events at the stadium. the countdown, meanwhile, is on. we are now just hours away from
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the giants version of opening day. baseball back at at&t park. i got some proof for you. the sight that every fan loves to see. the field is prepped and the dirt is ready and the soeglogo painted and 2014, an even calendar year. fans say they know what that means. >> we know that this is our year. every other year we win. >> i didn't like that when they said it at the beginning of last year, but now i love that theory. >> we're ready to play at home. the reason it feels long you have spring training and a week on the road before you start the season. >> as part of his home opener ritual, giants president larry baird says he'll slip into the park early this morning and walk the bases. meantime, today's game will mark the official return of a familiar face to the bay area.
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tim hudson is making his giants debut in front of the home town. he played for the a's before leaving to play for his hometown atlanta braves. giants looking for a repeat of last week when hudson struck out seven d'backs in a row in a 2-0 shutout win. comcast sports net amy has more on today's matchup. >> i'm amy gutierrez coming to you from at&t park with your giants update. it is the home opener here this afternoon and despite a loss on sunday in los angeles, your giants are riding serious momentum off a fantastic road trip. they went 5-2 and took series from both the diamondbacks and the dodgers. now, your giants are hoping that that long ball continues to soar here at at&t park. they combined for 11 home runs over seven games. brandon belt responsible for four himself. he knocked in seven rbi and your
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table setter, angel pagan getting it done. they'll face arizona's trevor kahill who they beat on april 2nd. i hope to see you here. i'm amy gutierrez. that's your update for giants in the bay. >> tim lincecum will be back to his two-year, $35 million contract. lincecum, of course, has had his ups and downs. he started out with two national league cy young awards and a post-season mvp award. but in the past three seasons, lincecum has really struggled and remained optimistic and he said that has helped him grow and be mature. >> to know, obviously, you come up and when things go well it's hard to say you need to make changes or need to make adju adjustme adjustments. you're living in your fight or flight kind of thing and that's
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kind of where i was my first few years and i found out it's not just about stuff or about tenacity or anything you bring, about bringing a smart pitcher and knowing you can and cannot make mistakes. those are the things i learned over the last couple of years. >> another giant that experienced success early in his career buster posy coming up in about ten minutes what posy says drives him on the playing field. this morning, we're taking "today in the bay" on the road to the ballpark. laura garcia-canon will be live starting on the field at 5:00 this morning. many of the features fans will enjoy this season. if you're heading out to the ballpark, let's check in with anthony slaughter, he has your first pitch forecast. >> i want is to start you off with our highs. what we're looking at for today in the bay. we're only used to being in the 60s across the board and even in
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the south bay for the peninsula and san francisco and everywhere today, we're talking about temperatures that are well above average by about 20 degrees. even san francisco, the north bay, that will be the warmest with 90 degrees here and even east bay 82 and the tri valley close to 90. very warm, especially for this time of year when we're only used to being in the 60s. you know what that means a very warm day at the ballpark. first pitch 75 degrees at 1:35 as the giants take on the arizona diamondbacks. you can't argue with a forecast like that. we have changes headed our way as we head through the latter part of this upcoming week. today the warmest day of the week even at the coast. tomorrow that coastal breeze will start to at least cool us at the coastline, but still be very warm in our inland valleys. that onshore breeze really revs up, though, for thursday. bringing in more cloud cover, as well, temperatures eventually fall back into the 70s in our inland valleys. again today, tomorrow, definitely some warm days.
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take it easy if you do have to work outside. let's check that drive, here's mike. >> beautiful new tower and still new i almost consider it and the traffic flows very nicely. the westbound commute very nicely. taillights into the eastbound and one lane blocked as you're coming out of san francisco and head towards treasure island. that's typical overnight road work and no big concern. the maze and the approach to the east bay looking really good and across the san mateo and dum barton bridge, as well. move along the peninsula, as you might imagine. not as many road crews out there as typical and debris reported reported earlier on the southbound side and a little slowing approaching, however, looks like it's clearing. no problems southbound and look how lonely it is, i'm sure they're not complaining, though. we'll send it back to you. speaking of chp today, they are once again, cracking down on cell phone using drivers. it's part of april's distractive
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driving month. today is the second of four days scattered throughout the month where extra patrols will be on the road. i'm talking to you, ma'am. tickets for first time-time offenders start at $161. still ahead "today in the bay" another emotional day of testimony. oscar pistorius takes the stand in his own defense. the latest from inside the courtroom, coming up. plus, it's been one month since malaysian airlines flight 370 vanished. time is certainly running out. the latest on the underwater search, just ahead. got a story for nbc bay area investigative unit? call the tip line at 1-888-996-tips or e-mail us at
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welcome back. los angeles police say a bulletproof vest saved the life of one of its officers last night. a man walked into the police station and opened fire. it happened around 8:00 last night at the wilshire station. the officer was hit thrfour tim. both he and another officer quickly returned fire. the gunman and the officer were taken to the hospital. the gunman's in critical condition and the officer is expected to survive. olympian oscar pistorius is
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answering questions from his defense lawyer as he testifies for a second day at his murder trial. the blade runner says he and his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, sometimes had troubles in their relationship, but they sorted them out. they were in love and they were planning a life together. now, pistorius is answering questions about the night he shot and killed steenkamp. pistorius claims he thought she was an intruder. prosecutors say he killed her intentionally after an argument. today marks one month since malaysian airlines flight 370 disappeared. a significant date because the battery life on the black box is about a month. search crews heard only silence as they tried to locate faint sounds heard deep in the indian oceans. they might have come from beacons over the weekend. estimates for the search effort are estimated at $44 million so
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far. google expected to launch a new program, it hopes will bring google glass into the business world. for that and the rest of the news before the bell, let's go to mary thompson live at cnbc global headquarters. >> good morning to you, scott. let's first look at the futures which are trending a little bit lower. the third in a row. investors continue out of biotech stocks and move into safer investments as utility shares. the biggest three-day drop since 2011. the worst three-day slide since late january. the dow fell to 16245 and the nasdaq dropped 48 points to close at 4079. and, yes, reports say the search giant will announce a work program today providing more tools for the web connected device.
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google glass still like the features they want such as protective lenses and a longer battery life. a car service business, now the popular app which is based in the bay area wants to branch out into other markets. a currier service in new york city today. packages delivered by foot or bike anywhere in manhattan 24 hours a day. a new service also lets the sender and sendee track the package with their smartphone. back to you. >> thank you much. let's check in with anthony slaughter. the 1:35 start on baseball. >> mid-70s. can't argue with a forecast like that. we're talking about plenty of sunshine and light winds so a perfect day for a ball game. right now waking up to clear conditions. very mild as we step outside this morning. you notice it is not chilly at all except for the north bay. still in the 40s at the peninsula and 60 degrees right now and a normal day, you get about 20 degree jump. already at 60, you know it is
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warm in the peninsula. expecting 80s widespread today. with the exception of san francisco, mid-70s at the coastline. expecting mild temperatures to start. just a few foggy spots right up against the coastline, but other than that, a bright day and a big jump in temperatures today. in fact in the north bay in the 40s right now. and close to 90 degrees. that's a 40 degree jump and very unusual but under full sunshine and offshore winds that will really warm up very quickly. by this evening, that onshore breeze does return at the coast, places like san francisco after 4:00, 5:00, that wind is really going to start to pick up and cooler conditions expected for tomorrow. for today, very warm. 87 in san jose and palo alto and today the marina district 76 and napa you'll be at 89 and santa rosa 88 and sausalito 76 and livermore topping out right near 90 degrees. hot all across the board, but
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make sure you keep that water handy and if you do have to work outside, take frequent breaks. again, this is the kind of heat that is dangerous when you talk about temperatures near 90. back it you. let's continue our coverage of the giants. fans attending today will get team jallend calendars but a bu stuff catching our attention. the former player featured wearing his cleveland indians uniform. when the giants play the indians. this thursday the giants will give away this scarf on farewell to the stick night. they haven't played at the stick for years but it is a nod to the cold temperatures that we all remember at the stick. for fans, an upgrade to a t at&t's wi-fi more than 1,200
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access points at the ballpark second only to cowboys stadium. ruling out mlb at the ballpark app. >> you're sitting in the upper deck and you're like it's a beautiful day and we did have seats that weren't available a few days before and they are available now. my phone will pop up a new location. >> the app will let you check out the list of player walk-up music and check out some deals on food. all morning long, we're going to walk you through the ballpark highlighting some of the new features, including private areas for members of the gotham club. the name pays tribute to the original name of the giants. members of the club will be able to access three private areas including, yes, a bowling alley at the park. also go to the garden. this is the first of its kind organic garden right below the
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scoreboard in center field. that and more coming up in our live coverage from at&t park starting in about ten minutes. still ahead "today in the bay" chaotic celebrations as the new ncaa champions are crowned. thousands of people pour into the streets in connecticut. well not that big of a crowd, but a crowd in the city today. we're talking about the giants home opener midday. a new east to report on the east bay as you get off one of your bridges.
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welcome back, everyone. the time is 4:54. let's check in with mike, check your traffic this morning. good morning. >> good morning, scott. as you would expect, very light traffic around the bay area or across the bay. the san mateo bridge, we'll look at the map and the updated location. we had had a report eastbound getting off the bridge right there with a stall involving a big rig, a flat bed they needed there and then a stall in one lane, but actually westbound now. i just got the update from chp. lanes partially blocking one of those lanes and track that following the chp reports. the rest of your bay looks very smooth right now. you're at speed everywhere except for highway 84 just as you come off of 580 and that overnight closure continues from vineyard up towards 580 and we have that closure and not a surprise, back to you. this morning uconn husky fans still riding high after a
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thrilling end to the college basketball season. fans erupted as their team took down the kentucky wildcats, 60-54 to claim the national title. now, the celebrations did take a rowdy turn as thousands of students pour under to the streets. the university said at least 30 people were arrested and nobody was hurt. speaking of uconn, the women will square off against notre dame. the first time two undefeated teams will play for the national title. tipoff is at 5:30 tonight. well, from the hardwood to the diamonds, the a's have a rare day off in minnesota today. the middle of the series against the twins. yesterday the green and gold spoiled the twins home opener beating minnesota 8-3. coming up after the break, we'll take you live out to at&t park. our own laura garcia-cannon is there. she has exclusive on the field access and damian trujillo will
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be telling us all the little secrets.
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>> high and deep to left, this baby is out of here! with five wins under their belt, a solid road trip to start this season. "today in the bay" happy to welcome the boys in orange and black back at home. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon inside at&t park. the bats are alive, the giants are one of the top offensive teams in the league. they've already scored 40 runs in just seven games. this year is about making up for a lost opportunity in 2013.
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plus, the folks at at&t park have new tricks up their sleeve. we'll cover all of that this morning and our own christina loren will have a look at our game-day forecast in five minutes. first, i want to send it back to you, scott, in the studio for the top stories of the morning. >> all right, laura, thank you much. today states suspended senator leland yee will be arraigned on federal corruption charges. christie smith live with what is expected to happen this morning in court. >> that's right, suspended state senator leland yee due back in court for an arraignment. now, in the past, his attorney has said that he would plead not guilty. his other co-defendants are expected in court today, as well. now, he's going to have a new attorney by his side, jim lasert. his former attorney said there was no conflict or disagreeme


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